From the Waiting

But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him]
Will gain new strength and renew their power;
They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun];
They will run and not become weary,
They will walk and not grow tired.

Isaiah 40:31 AMP

For some time now, I have been meditating on the waiting…what does it look like to wait on the Lord and what happens when we wait on the Lord?  I learned many things, the most profound being that waiting on the Lord is not an action, but a posture…I can wait on Him while I am getting on with other things.  Waiting on the Lord can be sitting quietly, in a designated spot, waiting for Him to speak but it can also be turning your heart toward Him in the midst of doing your grocery shop or walking the dog.  Waiting on the Lord is an expectation that He will speak, born out of a deep trust that He does indeed want to communicate with me, it’s hoping in Him, believing that He wants to reveal Himself to me.  So I wait as I quietly sit in my favourite chair, in my chapel and I wait as I drive around, singing to Him.  Also I wait as I walk around the mall, expecting Him to speak to me about what He sees and I wait as I lay down to sleep expecting Him to invade my dreams with revelation.  In this waiting, lingering in His glorious presence I am transformed, healed and delivered.

Then this morning, before I woke up I received a prophetic dream from the Father and it seemed unrelated to the place of waiting, but as I meditated on it, I realised that what I saw in the dream is the product of waiting…from the wait something glorious is birthed.

I was at a wedding and it was taking place in a garden.  I was standing behind the bride, on a lush green manicured lawn, under a very wide, green shady tree. It was a glorious, sunny day and the bride was wearing a simple white slip dress, elegant but very understated.  Around her waist was a brown leather belt and she wore flat shoes.  Her hair was sleeked back into a shiny ponytail and the atmosphere around her was calm, serene, casual, unpretentious and warm.  She asked me to tie a wishbone-shaped eucalyptus branch to her ponytail – her only decoration – but when I did, I realised it wasn’t suitable and I removed it.  I started to look around for something else with which I could decorate her hair and noticed decorations in the tree.  I took down a little ornamental bird, a tiny decorative bird cage and some small sprigs of eucalyptus leaves, which I placed on a table before I called her over to place the objects in her hair – the final preparation before she walked down the aisle.

Upon waking I immediately knew the Lord was speaking to me about the Australian bride, hence the eucalyptus and the different symbols in the dream spoke of her position, her appearance and her calling or destiny.

In the place of waiting, surrendering to Him, she will unite with Him in agreement (the wedding) and the green grass and wide trees speak of a place of comfort and wealth, prosperity and blessing, protection, wisdom, fruitfulness and peace of mind.  In His presence the storm in us becomes still even when it’s raging outside of us.  Our needs are fully met and we are blessed so that we can bless.  The bride is prepared and ready to be glorified as Christ’s beloved and her sleeked back hair speaks of her obedience, her authority and of being clothed in His glory as she moves and breaths inside of His will.  She is clothed in righteousness, clothed with Christ and with kindness and she is spiritually prepared for the job at hand.  The white garment signifies that she is righteous, favoured, pure and ready to receive the answers to her prayers.

The belt around her waist signifies that she is honest and trustworthy, ready to serve and protect and to enter into spiritual warfare.  As she clings to God, He is glorified in the works of her hands.  She is able to work with confidence, she is equipped and called to do some of the most difficult tasks for the Lord, and with an pure, repentant heart she prophesies in all humility and love.

She is wearing shoes that enable her to run, she is ready, equipped and prepared for every good work…she will bring emotional, physical and spiritual healing and God’s blessing with her.  The promises the Lord made to her will come to pass, her shame and sin is covered and she will have an urgency about her, as she understands her life is fleeting and she has to reflect the beauty of the Lord while she still has time.

In the place of glory, represented by her hair, she will receive special messages, prophetic revelation, freedom and purpose (the bird) as she lingers in the presence.  The bird cage is empty, signifying her freedom but also acts as a reminder and warning to stay free and to watch out for the traps set by the enemy to silence her prophetic voice.

I wondered why I wasn’t shown her face and Holy Spirit cleared that up for me.  He said “her face is your face”…each one of us, as we look into her face, will see our own face.  She is me, you…we are her.

I pray that this word will bless and encourage you as you wait expectantly on the Lord to do what only He can do.

The Lord alone is our radiant hope and we trust in him with all our hearts.
His wrap-around presence will strengthen us.
 As we trust, we rejoice with an uncontained joy flowing from Yahweh!
Let your love and steadfast kindness overshadow us
continually, for we trust and we wait upon you!
                                                                                     Psalm 33: 20 – 22  TPT